Video and audio


What Would Have Happened if Darwin and Mendel Had Been on Twitter?”  With Kat Arney.  Genetics Unzipped Podcast. April 2019. 


“Barr and Stroud Rangefinder: Or, the Magic of Mayhem and Optics,” with Kiara White and Juha Saatsi; HPS in 20 Objects Series, University of Leeds, 23 May. 

“Mendel’s Significance.” Mendel University, Brno, 18 May. 


“The Newlyn-Phillips Machine, or, How Money (with Helps from Models and Maths) Makes the World Go Around,” with Steven French and Mike Finn. HPS in 20 Objects series, University of Leeds, 13 December. 

Series Introduction. HPS in 20 Objects series, University of Leeds, Jan 2016. 

“How and Why Darwin Got Emotional about Race.” Annual Thomas S. Hall Lecture in History and Philosophy of Science, Washington University in St. Louis, 7 November. 

Genius by Stephen Hawking. Broadcast on PBS in the USA in May and the National Geographic Channel in the rest of the world in June (three out of the six episodes).


“What Happens in Mendel’s Paper.” Mendel Symposium, Villanova University, 7 December. 

“BSHS Presidential Address: Experimenting with the Scientific Past.” Swansea University, 4 July.

“Mendel’s Legacy.” Seminar with Prof. Steve Jones and Dr Jenny Lewis, The Royal Society, 2 June.

“Mendel the Fraud? A Social History of Truth in Genetics.” The Innes Lecture, John Innes Centre, 20 April. 

Introduction. Cultivating Innovation, John Innes Centre, Norwich. 14 April.


Plants: From Roots to Riches – Episode on Mendel. BBC Radio 4, 1 Aug. 

“Human Rights & the Expanding Circle: From Darwin to Today”. Human Rights and the Humanities Conference, National Humanities Center, 20 March. 

In Our Time – Social Darwinism. BBC Radio 4, 20 February.


“Jesus, Darwin and Ashley Montagu.” Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, University of Cambridge, 11 June. 


“The Role of the Royal Society in the Battle Over Mendelism.” Public lecture, Royal Society of London, 5 October. 

“Scientific Inheritance: How History Matters for the Sciences.” Inaugural Lecture, University of Leeds, 16 May.


“Lessons of the Galápagos.” Debating Darwin series, University of Chicago, 11 November. 

Discovery on the BBC World Service. 

Animal Minds, Forum for European Philosophy Consilience public debate at the London School of Economics. 


Introduction. White Rose IPBio Symposium and Summer School, Intellectual Property and the Biosciences, University of Leeds.